Ticket FAQ

Where and when is Into the Woods ADE festival 2021?

Friday 15 October from 13:00 to 23:00 and Saturday 16 October from 12:00 to 23:00 hrs at the NDSM Wharf in Amsterdam.

When do ticket sales start?

The first, limited batch of tickets is now on sale on www.intothewoods.nl. When this batch is sold out the regular ticket sales will proceed from the summer on. The wish for a party is huge, so your chance is now!

What if Into the Woods is cancelled?

We are confident of the possibility to boom from ear to ear in October. Should it not continue the ticket prize will be returned including service costs. This will take place within 3 weeks of the cancelling.

Which ticket options are available?

Friday 15 October ticket: € 35,- + € 3,85 service costs
This ticket grants you access to the Friday of Into the Woods ADE. The opening hours of this day are 12:00 - 23:00.

Saturday 16 October ticket: € 49,50 + € 3,85 service costs
This ticket grants you access to the Friday of Into the Woods ADE. he opening hours are 12:00 - 23:00.

Weekend ticket (Friday + Saturday): € 84,50 + € 3,85 service costs
This ticket grants you access to both festival days during the planned opening hours. These tickets are available in a very limited amount. We don’t offer an ITW camping. PLEASE NOTE: This ticket cannot be used by two individuals during different days. A unique wristband is handed out to one person at arrival. This wristband cannot be transferred.

How many tickets can be bought simultaneously?

To give everybody a fair chance at purchasing a ticket, but at the same time ensure that you can come with your friends, a maximum of 6 tickets can be bought in one sale.

What does the process of ticket sales look like?

At the start of the ticket sales, you are asked to select one or more tickets. If a ticket is sold out it cannot be selected. You will be noted if you are put in a queue. It can take up to one minute to put you in a queue. If you get through the queue you get 5 minutes to purchase a ticket. Make sure you are alert and ready to complete the purchase quickly to avoid disappointment. If the process takes too long you will be put at the end of the queue.

Will refreshing/F5/⌘R-ing help me when I’m in a queue?

This will absolutely work against you. There’s a big chance that you’ll be put at the end of the queue. Please don’t do this.

Am I ensured of a ticket when i’m put in a queue?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee this.

Is it possible that new tickets will be released when the system indicates that the tickets are sold out?

After the queue you are redirected to the order screen. When you select a number of tickets these will be reserved for you. From that moment on you have 5 minutes to finalize the order. So there is a possibility that the event is sold out but other customers don’t finalize their order in time. This makes it possible that tickets are available even after we announce that they are sold out.

How is it possible that someone that visits the website on a later moment can buy tickets?

The digital queue is in fact a number of queues. It is comparable to a supermarket; sometimes one queue goes faster than the other.

Is it possible to prevent errors during the purchasing process?

It is possible that an error will occur during a purchase on your mobile phone. To finalize a purchase with iDeal you need to enable cookies. Sometimes the cookie preferences on phones block the purchase and cannot be changed during the process. Standard preferences don’t block online purchases, so in 99% of the cases there won’t be an error. If the preferences on your phone are set more strictly the purchase might get terminated. This is why we advice to purchase your tickets on your laptop or desktop.

What are the purchasing options?

You can pay with iDeal, Mastercard, SOFORT Überweisung, Bancontact/MisterCash.

What is the Into the Woods’ visitor’s minimum age?

During Into the Woods a visitor must be at least 18 years old.

Are seacreatures on the menu?

Into the Woods doesn’t serve any meals containing animals.

Help, I purchased tickets but haven’t received them yet

After your purchase Paylogic will send you a confirmation email. They will ask you to personalize your ticket. If you have bought several tickets these can be sent to your friends through Paylogic. PLEASE NOTE: when a friend claims a ticket this cannot be undone. To prevent black market sales and excessive prizes the tickets will be sent to you in the week of the event.

Unsure who will join you?

Wait with personalizing the tickets. There’s no deadline to this and you can even personalize the tickets during the festival.

Why do tickets have to be personalized?

Into the Woods tickets are very popular and scarce, which makes them very appealing for black market traders. By personalizing the tickets we make it more difficult to buy and sell tickets for exorbitant profits. Your ID will be checked upon arrival at Into the Woods, so make sure you bring it with you and the name matches the ticket.

Can I change the name on the ticket?

xYou can change the name later on for a small fee. If you’re unsure who to bring, wait with personalizing. There’s no deadline to this.

What if you want to purchase or sell a ticket?

That won’t be possible for a while. We can see that tickets are put on sale for much higher prices almost immediately after we sell them. We want guests to be able to buy tickets for a fair price. We will come with a suiting solution soon. Until then it won’t be possible to trade and sell tickets because original buyers receive a buyers’ confirmation from Paylogic and tickets are sent in a later stage.

Is it not possible to buy tickets through Ticketswap?

No that option is not available anymore. It is of utmost importance to us that a trader can ask for a maximum of 100% of the original price. A safe way to trade will be available later on.

Are tickets sold through Facebook, Marktplaats, Viagogo or Tickettack also not available?

No, valid tickets cannot be sold through these media because tickets aren’t made available yet. These platforms host a large number of swindlers. Don’t be seduced into a purchase.

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